Game of Life.



My naïve mind has stopped working. Writing an article is proving to be the most difficult at this time when, I have made up my mind to write something that it speaks in solitude.

Arguable questions keep on hovering every few days and I am unable to resist wherever my imagination takes me to. It is not that I don’t enjoy, but it is something that makes me fear. Fear about what, you might as well ask. I don’t know. But it is present.  Just thinking about it sent chills running down my spine.

I know it has a meaning, deep and profound, that I still have to figure out on my own.
Sometimes there nothing but a pale face lost in the darkness, staring back at me in the mirror, with those dreamy eyes not knowing what is going through his mind right now.

Sometimes I feel like I would be lost, with my thoughts forever with no one to wake me up and I might get stuck there.  “Isn’t Google supposed to answer our each and every question? “ But I guess it doesn’t.  There are things that we need to figure out ourselves, through failures and experiences.

People say failure is a part of our life. For success to be there, you must go through failures. But how do you know that these past few days or months that you experienced were a lesson for you? Your fights, your struggles, your failures, your apathy and your attitude towards life will someday, surely make you realize about your mistakes.
I may have made so many mistakes that I am not proud of at all. Mistakes concerning my future, social and family relationships, studies, and so on. Sometimes due to my ego, sometimes due to peer pressure or sometimes just doing what the world does without even thinking if it is right for me or not.
Some of them I have been able to realize but, a bit too late. But you can’t cling on to them forever. MOVE ON. Let go of things that pull you back.

How do you know what these mistakes mean to you? My life is jumbled up. I guess the Gods are playing the game called “Human’s”, controlling us with the number rolled on the dice. Or is it that we have our say in this game of life?

Destiny. Is this word a WILDCARD in the game or is it just a deception?
All of us have goals in our life. People say it all depends on destiny if the goal is achieved or not. But I am still in doubt about the role of destiny in one’s life.


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