So called “underprivileged”

Poor general caste

As the saying is “Every coin has two sides”, our Indian Government also has two sides. To be precise, one side is the bad side & the other side is also the same. Not completely bad because that would sound unbelievable. There are just a few things about the Indian government that I am proud of. For instance, the reservation system that the Indian government complies to is good with lots of bad hidden in it.

Having a reservation system is not a bad idea at all. But the point I am trying to make here is that the system needs to be planned out well, where our government failed miserably. Our government has made reservations for god knows how many castes. These include SC, ST, OBC, etc etc. There’s also reservation for women.

The worst thing about this is that people have started taking advantage of this system.  They try to bend it to help themselves. The rich and fortunate end up in these caste just to take undue advantage of this never-updated out-of-date system. There’s reservation in every field. Be it education or politics, jobs or housing, where ever you go, it follows. The worthy and deserving are denied of their chances.

I experienced a situation in my life that made me a hater of this system, no matter what benefits it possesses and to whom. If the system will be updated and all the discrepancies eliminated from it, maybe I’ll support it.

The obvious winner

During my engineering admissions, I was given a college through the CAP rounds. CAP rounds are a part of the admission process and every student goes through this process. So i was here, in the college, to secure my seat. It was probably the last seat available in that round. I was there waiting in a room when a girl enters. She was there for her admission too. She looked decent enough with that flashy handbag, her modern clothing and branded shoes. Also, she had a phone which was much better than I had at that time (can’t remember which one).

Staff person called me to finish the admission process. I asked them if it was possible for them to allot me a computer branch seat as that is what i was aiming for. But instead the guy said, the last seat is being given to the girl over there. I felt disappointed. I asked about her marks in the common entrance exam (CET) which is a compulsory exam for engineering students & which decides what college you get. He said she got “XX” marks and my eyes popped out. They were wide open and I was staring at that guy with confusion and shock. I reminded him that I had exactly two times the marks she has. And told him, I deserved that seat. He said “Yes, you deserve it. But she is getting this seat as she comes from SC.”
And then my disappointment turned to anger and frustration instantly. I couldn’t blame that guy as it wasn’t his fault. It was my very own out-dated government showing me life isn’t fair.

The point is, with all those clothes and handbag and phone, how could she be in SC or any other caste that needs reservation? That was the first time I experienced people taking advantage of this system. And a year later, that girl couldn’t even pass a minimum of 6 subjects from 12 and was given a drop for a year which means she was not eligible to go in 2nd year unless she passes a minimum of 6 subjects. She clearly wasted that seat which I wanted and much importantly “deserved”.



I have heard that many people make a certificate of being in a lower caste by giving bribe to officials responsible and then avail the benefit of reservation. There are rich people who earn more than an average person but claim to be in this reserved caste. But our government doesn’t care about the general category people.
We are the ones who struggle the most.

Yes, we general category people are the “survival of the fittest”.

Why doesn’t the government make categories based on the family income and provides benefits to unfortunate?? But I guess my government is ignorant.

# just a thought !!!

There are hundreds of scams.
My government is ignorant.
There’s crime on streets.
My government is ignorant.
There’s inflation & price-rise.
My government is ignorant.
There are people dying.
My government is ignorant.
There’s corrupt ministers.
My government is ignorant.
There’s inequality.
My government is ignorant.
Education here is a mess.
My government is ignorant.
Terrorists are striking.
My government is ignorant.
India has the potential.
But My government is ignorant.

In response to the
Daily Prompt Challenge: Flip Flop
Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?


16 thoughts on “So called “underprivileged”

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  8. I like your post but maybe you should explain what SC and other castes are because not everyone will understand them. I’m Indian myself (I don’t live there) and even I don’t know what they are. :/

    • hey Tanya. Thank you for bringing that to my notice and also liking the post.

      Just for you and other readers, here’s what SC & ST means.
      The Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) are two groups of historically-disadvantaged people recognised in the Constitution of India. But unfortunately, the system is quite old and people have taken undue advantage of it.

      • Haha, name one system in India that people haven’t taken advantage of yet. I visited Indian about 5 years ago and it was a culture shock for me. People were a lot more westernized than myself, which at a certain point is not a good thing.

        Anyway, thanks for explaining it to me. I’ll be doing more research later. 🙂

  9. LOL! Why can’t you believe it? Just because I don’t live in India doesn’t mean I’m not cultured. :p

    • I didn’t mean to say that you aren’t cultured. The fact that people are more westernized gave me a shock too. Thinking about it I realized that Indians have forgotten about their culture.

      • I’m in the middle of both sides. Depending on the places you visit, you might find various levels of culture. The metro cities are probably the most modern. When I went to Chandigarh (which is relatively modern), the vibe was different compared to my hometown, which is a smaller town.

      • You are not the only one who is unable to choose an answer. For every other discussion related to India there are always two answers. And many a times you would dust off your hands in frustration and leave the discussion then and there. 😛

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