Life without computers!


Computers aren’t very addictive. The stuff you can do on your computer attracts you towards it. Be it WordPress, Facebook, games, chatting, reading,etc. These things are constantly present at the back of our minds. When I have nothing to do I tend to, habitually, switch on the computer and then just keep on refreshing it till I get some idea as to what to do on my computer. Or else stare at the wallpaper and let my mind wander around like a ghost.

But of late, I have lost that addiction to the computer. I don’t know why but I get pretty much bored after a while. But I have to admit that WordPress is my new addiction.

A typical Sunday or any other day without a computer would be fun I guess. I would like to start my morning with a walk or gym, ending it with a delicious breakfast. Spend some time with family or read something or do something creative. Also without distractions, I would study more than I do now. Have lunch and take a nap. Get up to play board games with friends or family. Late in the afternoon, move out and roam around. Discover new places, do some activity or enjoy the beach. Partying can be an option too. Have a heart filling dinner with desserts and ice-creams. And finally, watch a movie to end the day.

If I have a week without computers, I would love to travel somewhere. Bungee jumping, sky diving, parasailing, deep sea diving, hot air balloon rides, trekking, or for that matter any kind of outdoor activity would suffice. Being on a holiday is the best I could wish. The world has a lot to offer. Meeting people, making friends, hanging out seems quite fun.

There’s so much to do if I do not have a computer or rather, a college to attend. I wish that I get one week where I have all my friends and family with me. No money constraints, no limits, no prohibitions, no work and no responsibilities. Such a week would perhaps be the best getaway for me or anyone for that in matter in today’s world where people tend to live a highly monotonous life. This is one thing I long for before I die.

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9 thoughts on “Life without computers!

  1. I never understood the addiction to electronics.

    The amount of students that are submerged in their screens on campus, it can’t be healthy. But at the same time, if you took away my laptop, I might give you an earful. It’s a love-hate relationship.

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