Education in Mumbai university


The education system of Mumbai University is worth laughing at. You will find all kinds of wrong doings, stupid rules, scams, out dated syllabus and to top it all, teachers who either don’t know the topic they teach or else they lack teaching skills. The level of Mumbai University has dropped its level a lot in the last few years. But who cares? They are here just to fill their pockets. Education is not a priority for them. It has become a business instead of a necessity. The dire situation of students is always ignored.

After hearing that all the companies provide training to engineers, I thought what good are those four years in college where you study around 40 subjects and give their exams. I think importance be given to practical knowledge.  I know companies need to train us, but people say that whatever you learnt in your college barely of any use. The reason is the Old syllabus. Not only fellow students, but even a few good and respectable teachers whine about our education system. It doesn’t match up with the latest technologies. They have started slowly updating it I guess, but it’s too late.

Scams are inseparable part of India. Recently, 3 papers of the first year engineering course were leaked and all the students forced to reappear for those exams. Studying for the same exam once again and to reappear for it is like getting yourself thrashed while trying to stop a fight. This wasn’t the first paper leak witnessed. Repeated incidents have taken place over the years. See news about an engineering paper leak. Paper leaks are not only for the engineering field, but also commerce, arts, and other courses. Around two years ago, 2 BComm papers were leaked in consecutive weeks and before that, it was the BMS papers. The list of goofs keeps on growing.

Also, giving out results on time seems to be a problem for our lethargic university. The revaluation result sometime takes more than a year for some unknown reason. Due to this some unfortunate students end up writing the same exam once again without knowing if they have passed or failed. And the worst case is that a student waiting for a result of 1st year, who passed all other exams, cannot enter the third year just because the university was lazy to give him/her the result. If you are lucky, you might get an apology letter from them (So I heard). Also there are occasions where students bribe some university staff to get passing marks in a particular subject when they think they might fail.

The other downsides are the teachers. They may have a degree or two, but when it comes to teaching, they fail miserably. Some of them do not deserve to teach even kindergarten kids. I have experienced that some teachers barely have any knowledge on a particular subject they teach. And the students never spare a chance to ridicule those ingenuous teachers. The point is to teach us in a language they are comfortable with and which would be easily understood by the class. It’s better than making a complete fool out of yourself by trying to speak in a language you are not comfortable with.

These fatuous remarks would surely make you laugh.
Once the students, unable to get a particular word, asked the teacher to spell it. She said, “Its V. Not P. V for wind. ” And all the students cracked up.
It’s ridiculous when someone teaching to students aged from 17 to 23 doesn’t know the spelling of wind. Now if this is the level of teachers, I guess self-learning is the best possible way to make your future. Also these so-called teachers are responsible for the term work and viva’s marks of all the students. Grudges, anger, revenge become deadliest weapons of these teachers. And the student can do nothing but accept whatever marks are given no matter how good he/she is; sometimes failing a student is also a part of this game. For some teachers, asking them difficult questions or rather questions they cannot answer is an insult to their intelligence (As if they got any intelligence in them). But this is not the case every time. There are some exceptional teachers who take a lot of effort in teaching and gain respect of students. For those few teachers, there’s nothing but appreciation.

This may sound like a lot of whining, but all of it is true. The Mumbai University was ranked around 480 in 2007, 401-450 in 2009, and as per 2012 it ranks 551-600. The students have a lot of anger built inside them against the university. And each and everyone are hoping that someday this situation will improve.

Knowledge is power.


P.S. – I am just trying to point out facts. I hope university people do not come knocking on my door for their revenge.  Instead try to improve the situation.



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