A Child Then…

Looking at those printed older pictures of me, I slip back in time within my mind. I start to relive those sweet invaluable memories. I remember all those festivals we spent together, those summer days, a few picnics, and all those precious moments I wish to keep them for ever and ever. Would you like to go back in time to spend some more time where you actually felt alive?

Going back in time during my childhood would be the most amazing thing that could ever happen to me or for that matter, any grown up. There’s nothing you could miss more than your years as a child. Your time as a kid with no worries, no responsibilities and no negativity will always have a special place in your heart. Every sunrise would be a sign for you to go out and play whole day long. You had so much to do, so much on your mind.

I remember being the happiest I ever was. The only gloomy moment was getting hurt and not being able to play.

I remember playing in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and at night too. Getting drenched in rains and splashing water on each other during rains was electrifying. Paper boats were our rides in those days. Racing and running along them used to be so much fun. Playing football in muddy ground and coming home dirty was an achievement. Every festival be it Diwali or Christmas, we had the same enthusiasm every time.

We never wanted to go to an exotic place in our vacation. All we wanted was the company of our family and friends. Summer vacations were spent not at home but on grounds and roads. Playing cricket in the morning and then going in the forest behind our building to get raw mangoes and imli (tamarind) for lunch was our daily routine. We had our lunch on the water tank of our building with everyone gathered in circle sharing. Cycling down the slopes as fast as we can was like flying in the air. Many a times, the chain of our cycles would come off but the trip down the slopes was worth it. Hide and seek, badminton and other games in the evening would drain all our energy. But we come back again after dinner to challenge our exhaustion.

Scars, bruises and scratches were accompanied with all the fun. I still remember how I got a few of these. We fell and broke our teeth, hurt ourselves trying to do something cool. But a few days later we would boast and laugh about our stunt and not cry about our injuries.

After dinner we came back for more entertainment. Sometimes we would go on the terrace sitting under the moonlight and scare each other with our ghost stories.
Life was LIFE. We felt alive. The best gift we had, was our childhood. Fun, carefree and filled with dreams. But we lived a life of a child. We believed in fairy tales and felt everything was fine. Nothing in the world was wrong.

I remember having an annual day celebration in my building with games and sports in the morning and dance, fancy dress, and other fun competitions in the evening. We used to sing and dance like we didn’t care about anything in this world. I was the undisputed winner every year in fancy dress competition. Here are a few pictures of me.

Say cheese

Say cheese

A human Fountain

A human Fountain

:)   :)   :)

🙂 🙂 🙂

birthday party

birthday party


I am a “Mermaid”

I am reminded of those moments every time I pass by that slope, every time I look upon the now-concreted forest, my old building, the water tank, my old school, and the photographs. I look at the kids today with pity and sadness.

They are not the children we used to be. They are like robots. They are told what to do and how to play. Parents arrange play dates for them so they could meet friends. How can you teach a child how to play and with whom? They lack imagination. We as kids would have our own world in our head. For most of them, being free is an abstract concept; they never had fun as we used to. They are tangled by the electronics now-a-days.

Most children aren’t living the life of a child.

I miss those golden days every time I come around pictures of my childhood. I am lost in the memory for a day. I truly miss the life that I had then. Those friends, that time, the fun. It is priceless.

But I’m thankful that I was a child then and not now.


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