Submissive during Submission

Running up and down the stairs, following teachers and trying to complete almost everything possible, writing assignments and experiments, getting all prints ready and what not, just to satisfy the teacher. All of this being a part of the most terrifying time in the life of an engineer. We go full berserk crazy at this time of the year. Losing pens and other stationary materials is also a part of this. Difficult to handle loads of checked and unchecked papers lying around. PHEWW. Our nightmare,



Submission Done

Submission Done

 It’s the time to say “Thank you ma’am “, “Please sir”, “Yes teacher”, “Sorry” and all that good-guy things to our teachers even if you hate them. Even if he/she has been a pain in the ass during the semester, you need to get your work done. You need to sugar coat everything.

What amuses me the most is how teachers try to make us feel guilty. They remind us of our “Low” attendance, our delay in submitting assignments, not performing experiments well, while all the time it was them who cared less to teach students well. The level of their ego reaches the moon and further. Because this is the only time a student will sincerely listen to what they have to say, not intentionally but compulsively.

These teachers come from a different world. And we hope to send them back there someday!! 😛

 “We don’t need no education 
We don’t need no thought control 
No dark sarcasm in the classroom 
Teachers leave them kids alone”

While everyone is busy with their work, not to mention frustrated and angry, there’s always a friend who will irritate or disturb you. Laugh at your state even if he/she is just a bit ahead of you. You push them and trick them out of the long line to get your submission done before them. If they are ahead of you, and are sent back by teacher to complete something, you get that evil smile on your face.

But at the end of the day, they are there to help you. They help you get things done by helping in smallest bit possible. You get to hear please, thank you, sorry, yes ma’am etc. like they are all yours to be distributed free in this “festival of formality”.  You need to keep calm and get your work done. No matter how teachers behave.

Always remember the quote given below.
Being Submissive is the key to Submissions.” – Manan (me)

After all’s done, we hungry animals go to our usual place to have some food. The regular cheese grilled sandwich and a cold coffee to go with feels heaven. Talk about how other classmates were tortured and tormented by teachers and laugh at it, sometimes on each other as well. Share stories of the day. Try to drop all the exasperation or madness of submission out of us. Just sit there for a while and relax. And treat our tummy.




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