Thailand trip – A choice to make.

Since this was the first time I was about to go for a holiday abroad, the excitement within me touched skies. The moment I heard my parents and other family friends planning this trip, I looked towards my friend, more of a brother to me, Rishi, who too was going to come with us. We shared a look that was similar to the one when a kid gets a present. Rishi and I were completely attentive to what our parents were deciding. And time after time, we looked at each other communicating with our eyes. It would be one of the best experiences we might have.

We didn’t stay in the same city so we couldn’t meet often. But we spoke on the phone deciding everything we had to do there. We would endlessly search about places to discover, hotels we would stay in, food we would eat and all other stuff. Cancelling this trip would have smashed our dreams pretty hard. Only a month was left to go. The bookings were done and the trip was final. Final as in nothing could stop us from going there. We were about four families going together and an unknown couple was to join us as told by our travel agent.

Then the bad news arrived. Many parts of Thailand, including Bangkok were flooded due to heavy rains. On one hand the water level was rising day by day and on the other, my hopes falling. We kids were so enthusiastic that we said we didn’t care about the floods. All we wanted was the trip to go on as planned. Everyday we hoped to hear about some improvement in those flooded areas. While we were still grieving about this condition of ours, I personally got another bad news. This was probably a zillion times worse than a flood.

My exam schedule was declared. And guess what? My first practical exam clashed with the last day of my trip. My jaw dropped in sadness. I was blue, depressed, gloomy, long-faced, dispirited, moping and heart-broken. I was not able to think about anything else but about “that” day. What should I do? What should I choose? One hell of a time with family and friends on my first foreign trip or a stupid nonsensical exam who came to ruin my plans. I didn’t tell anyone about this. Rishi was still hopeful that the floods would subside and kept on planning about every other thing. But I would just listen unconsciously, thinking about my exam. I knew I could give this exam in the next semester, but that would mean my report card would say I was absent for this exam and eventually read Failed.

Just about a week to go and my dilemma were still hovering over my head. I picked up the phone late at night. Everyone was sound asleep. Called Rishi and told him about my exams. The first thing he said was, “Dude, I don’t care about any of your exams. I don’t want you to miss this trip. Bunk your exams because I want you there.” In the back of my mind, I was happy he said that. But I kept on finding reasons about what would happen if I didn’t give that practical exam. But I didn’t want to sit alone at home while everyone enjoyed their vacation. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on my exam as well, as far as I know myself.

Note to the readers: Thank you for reading. That was the end of part one. I just want you to take a moment more and comment below for the following question. Take the poll and write a comment for your answer. Comments make me happy.

What would you have done if you faced this situation? Sit at home OR Go for the trip!

Part 2 – Thailand trip – We start the journey!!
Part 3 – Thailand trip – Sweet memories.


9 thoughts on “Thailand trip – A choice to make.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I know what I would do. I would go for the trip. Yes, exams are important but it’s not like they can’t be taken later. Perhaps your instructor would be willing to work with you. Good luck!

  2. Was there any way you could come home a couple of days early from the trip? Change your return to make sure you make it to the exam?

    • It was just a short trip of 7 days, and since it was a festive season it was difficult to get tickets. I guess I could have tried coming early but frankly speaking I didn’t want to miss a single day. 😛

  3. As for your blog design (from the Zero-to-Hero challenge), I think it looks great! Easy to read, stylish, and seems to reflect a bit about you. 🙂

    Question – what kind of widget did you use for “My Community” in the left column?

    • Thank you Cindy for your feedback. It is much appreciated.

      There’s a widget called “My Community” itself.
      You’ll find it in Dashboard> Appearance> Widgets > My Community.

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