Thailand trip – we start the journey!

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“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.” 

                         ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love.

This quote above truly relates my situation as I wrote about it in the article earlier. I had to make a tough decision between my trip to Thailand and my university practical exams. So there I was, awake till 1 A.M. after speaking with Rishi. He had clearly asked me to come to the trip. But somewhere I felt I had to go and give my practical exams.

Torn between the choices, my enthusiasm dipped. But that wasn’t for long, since I made up my mind within a few days. Taking a chance and doing something crazy gave me a blood rush. Yes, I had picked “The trip”. I know I had to consult my parents, talk about the situation and all. But if I had done that, most probably I would be stuck at home which clearly wasn’t what I wanted. So I had to keep this thing to myself. I called up Rishi and told him, “We better start making the best plans for the trip coz I want my decision to be worth it”.

The floods had subsided. And it was just 2 days before we took off for this journey. Rishi and his family arrived in Mumbai from where we had our flights booked. The other families were to join us directly on 28th October, 2011 at the airport. We hit the first road block before the journey started. We were to visit Safari world in Bangkok, where we could spend time with tiger cubs, holding and feeding them. But the Safari world wasn’t functional due to floods. Our travel agent compensated this by arranging a visit to the Siam Ocean World, an underground aquarium in Bangkok.

28th October, 2011 – “The Day” had arrived. We were all packed and ready to go. We had some street food and ice-creams before leaving to the airport. We hailed a taxi, loaded up the luggage and left for the airport. Reaching the airport, we met the rest of our group. They all seemed nice. We kids got along together and started wandering in the airport. We checked in and took our tickets. This being my first trip abroad, (My first travel by plane too) I wanted the window seat. We kids got hungry again and had some pizza on airport.

It was take off time with Thai Airways. I was sitting by the window and as the plane moved forward, I felt great. I could see Mumbai (Bombay) shining at night with the street light. Zooming up and moving into clouds, I couldn’t take off my eyes from the scenery below. Pretty soon there was nothing left to watch as it was completely dark. Our pretty air-hostesses came up with our food and some drinks and juice. I made the most of it. One of the cabin crew guy got along with my uncle and he gave us loads of peanuts. It was morning and we were to land in Bangkok. We were so happy to wake up in a different country. It felt amazing. The view was so mesmerizing that I kept on staring outside the window.

29th October, 2011 – After landing, we had a connecting flight to Phuket and had 3 hours between our flights. We explored the Bangkok airport and it was huge!!! We did some shopping there. Waiting for our flight for Phuket, we started taking pictures till it was time for the next flight.

Landing by the Sea.

Landing by the Sea.

It was a short flight but with the best view. The Phuket international airport is just by the sea and hence when you are about to land, you feel like the pilots taking you into the sea. But suddenly a piece of land appears just before you land. The hotel we were to stay in sent us a car for pick-up. It was already noon by then. We had some rest and headed out to the beach in evening. It was clean and beautiful. They had water sports like Para-sailing, banana boats, jet skiing etc. It was getting dark and we kids wanted to come back to hotel. But our parents wanted to go shopping. So we parted ways.

We thought of walking to the hotel so we could look around. There were a hundred massage parlors (of both kinds, if you know what I mean). Looking around, trying to remember our way back, we got lost. We asked a few shop owners the way back to our hotel but a few of them didn’t know themselves. Finally after an hour we reached back safely. We 3 kids were so tired that we switched on the TV and were in deep sleep in no time.

P.S. – This was the time when the first scary incident (funny for us) took place. Look out for next part. It will have amazing pictures.

Part 3 – Thailand trip – Sweet memories.


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  2. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

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