Into the future

We get exposed to so many things, people, scenery, monuments and some out of the world things. Every time we hope to catch that moment forever in our eyes and mind. We like to remember those things and revisit them. But that is not possible most of the time. Some times we don’t have a camera to capture and if we have, we might miss ‘that’ moment.

If granted some magical engineering skills to help me build ‘The One’ gadget or machine , it would be named “Capturer”.
It will be a technology that would help our eyes capture pictures and videos, and be able to save and share it on devices. We would never forget or miss our precious moments. Never lose them.

It would be perfect. We won’t need fancy cameras as our eyes can capture the best possible image. Instant capture will be just a thought away. I can’t imagine how much it would be of help to everyone. But as every coin has two sides, this technology could sometimes be used in a very wrong way. You can’t trust every human with this thing. And if I make this technology a reality someday, I’ll make sure it doesn’t fall into wrong hands.


One thought on “Into the future

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