As Loud as Silence

Siting by the window watching the moon. It is late and the world asleep. It’s so calm. It’s so loud. Louder than anything else. There is so much to hear. So much to sink in at the same time.

The tick tock of a clock. The rolling car on the block.
The whisper of a man. The running of a fan.
The airplane above. The vibration below.
The thoughts inside. The world outside.

Your thoughts are chaotic. Shouting out loud. You don’t know what to do. Is it right or wrong? What’s happening? There are too many questions, too many feelings. This is the time when you really speak. speak to yourself. Speak the truth. No one judges, nor anyone interrupts. You have your opinion, your decision. You are calm. You feel low and weak. But this silence makes you stronger. Silence is tough, but you really find yourself.


14 thoughts on “As Loud as Silence

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