Happy Summers!

Happy (Insert special occasion here) – Assignment from Writing 101.
Today, be inspired by a favorite childhood meal. For the twist, focus on infusing the post with your unique voice — even if that makes you a little nervous.


It is not possible to remember and recollect all of your childhood memories. But a few leave their imprints on your mind for eternity.

For me, my childhood holds a very special place in my heart. I guess it’s the same for every one. The one special meal I cherish is having raw mangoes and tamarind with my friends in the building compound every summer.

After a long and tiring morning session of cricket, we would jump the walls of our building to go to a small forest behind. There were a few mango and tamarind trees from which we would get our daily stock of summer mix. Throwing stones, climbing the tree, or using a bamboo with a hook to collect our treat from nature was most entertaining to us.

After all the hard work, we would come back and have this special meal every afternoon with some salt and red chili powder. This sweet, sour, salty and spicy treat was better than a 10-course meal at any Fat Indian Wedding.



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