I do get lost in thought and ideas most of the times. Be it the lectures or during my travel, my brain wanders around in some distant world of its own. Recently when I read about my phone getting a Super-power, I couldn’t resist but ponder upon the ideas that kept flowing.

I got a few like an auto-charging phone, or a phone that could create a 3-D hologram for me to watch movies, or it could act as a something that could bring food to me. But those felt trite to me.

What I really would want my phone to do was make my fly. I would want it to transform into a machine that is a mixture of a super jet, a Bat-mobile and the Iron Man suit. I could escape all the busy traffic, fly around without any trouble, get to travel to places and what not. Yeah, some amount of superhero work will also be done since the country need one desperately.

One button pressed and I have this mean-machine ready to take me over the clouds. Hope I get this dream of mine come true.
If not, at least I get this awesome new Zenfone By Asus.

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