The Bucket List

Some things in life are so simple yet difficult to accomplish. What meaning does your life have without achieving goals or dreams? You keep on thinking and dreaming about things to happen.You wait for time to run its course and hope that someday God will be grateful for your patience and grant you all that you wish. Isn’t this one of the most cliché thing ever heard or done by everyone?

Recently, I watched this movie called “The bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. They are two terminally ill men lying on a hospital bed next to each other. Complete strangers. Didn’t like each other when they first met. But gradually got to know each other. One day Carter (Morgan Freeman) scribbles down something on a piece of paper and Edward (Jack Nicholson) asks him what is it that he is so engrossed in? Carter hearing some bad news, throws this piece of paper. The next morning Edward notices it and reads.

He then decides to move out of the hospital and finish the bucket list (that piece of paper) with his new friend lying next to him. Adds a few things to the bucket list and talks Carter into it. And the next thing you know is they are off to live their dream.

So do we need to wait till we are terminally ill or about to die? Should we wait till we have lived our life to please others and then think for ourselves? When is the time right? It’s Now. Why wait till we have nothing left to do? Its better to “Live your entire life” and not to Live only your last few days on Earth.

Take charge of your life and get moving. If nothing else, make “Your own Bucket List” and start with simple things. Don’t wait for someone to give you company with your list or for anything in the world. If there comes a thought of checking off one item, do it. These small things make our life worth living. Cherish these moments. Savor them.

If there’s something holding you back or you aren’t sure, start with the easiest things. Things such as buying someone coffee, helping a stranger, visiting some city alone, start writing, learn what you love, etc.

Pin it up somewhere, share it with your friends or online, ask people to join in with your goal, put up a deadline, but the most important thing is to make the list and try to check everything off before you hear some bad news. You never know what could happen the next second.

If these word still don’t inspire you, go watch the movie itself.
Or you could visit and be inspired by fellow dreamers.




4 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I should respond to this on the “community pool” where I found it, but I thought you might like to know that your blog looks super. I like the theme, the overall appearance and the topics. It helps to have deeper thinkers in the world today. So many are living for the minute rather than for the good they can do.

  2. Re: Bucket List. Personally, I like the term , “Adventure List” better. And that’s right. The time for getting to the adventure list is now, not waiting for anything else. If not this month, then next month or if not this week then next week, but seriously, the time is now –for adventure lists to be tackled, one item at a time.

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