Don’t you dare join “ANY” start-up

Yes. Simple as that. Don’t join “ANY” start-up. Everyone’s like that guy owns a start-up, or start-up are way cooler. It seems fun and they say you’ll learn from the CEO & founders gaining experience in various roles at the company blah blah blah…. BULLSHIT! A BIG SHAM many a time. I had 3 experiences with different start-ups as an intern with different roles at each of them.

The first one was of the content writer at “” which turned out to be a marketing stunt by them. Very disappointed with the way they work. First of all they weren’t willing to shell out money to pay the content writers. It was “Performance based” internship where they would give some stupid vouchers to select interns. Like I desperately need a discount of 50 bucks on a bill of 500 or above. They also had this mysterious points table like a Leader-board of interns, which was never shown.

The next one was with an amazing start-up company “Birds Eye Systems Pvt. Ltd.” as a SEO/SMO Analyst. This was the best of three. It gave me flexibility, decent pay for the work, Work from home facility, and some day off when I really needed. Their traffic app “Traffline” gives real-time traffic updates for major cities in India and is progressing fast to reach every part of India. I really think this company could prove its existence in the world of Technology.

The third was all good in the start, and then went straight down to the underground level of  hell. This one was initially as a Web developer with little efforts to roles of marketing, event organization etc. for “Sublime Iris L&D Initiatives” or actually, . There was barely any web development work even though I was the only intern to work on the website. Most of the time I had to beg people making cold sales calls to attend an event or give us some sponsorship. For the employer, technical work meant editing photos and videos, transcription of videos and uploading them on social media. I don’t know how I put up with her for almost 3 months. Even after hiring me for a fixed monthly income, she treated me and another intern as if we were some daily wage workers, trying to cut our pay every chance she gets. She wants us to work 7 days a week and not pay us extra for working on holidays. Like I don’t have anything else to do.
Bottom line – Left it for the good.

I would still not hesitate to join a start-up company provided the job profile, organization and rewards look good even if they have risks associated with them. So for everyone out there, don’t make any hasty decisions in times of unemployment. Wait for the right thing to come up and until then work for it. And do ask for a good pay when you are working really hard for them. If they are willing to take risks related to start-up, they need to pay you for your efforts. If they promise give rewards you for the work, ask them about the rewards and keep checking occasionally how well are you performing.

One thought on “Don’t you dare join “ANY” start-up

  1. Interesting article about startups you have here. There are good rules to follow if anyone is interested in “start ups”–joining as intern or as employee. First, if during joining that startup, you have to lay out any money or sign away your life, not a good plan. And second, as far as internship, there are so many, large, reputable places that offer internships, like libraries and botanic gardens and all sorts of others, that , most times, one doesn’t have to entertain the idea of joining a “start up” as an intern. For the most part, I would opt for dealing with well-established businesses, rather than joining any new startup business. A business is usually only successful if they last five years. So any start up that is under five years old is not a good venture, most times.

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