Uprising Talents. (Better than Justin GAYber)

For all the music enthusiasts and casual listeners, I’ve got some awesome stuff for you to watch and listen to. These videos will give the year 2015 a rocking start if you haven’t watched this yet.

Me and a friend skipped a lecture out of boredom and were left with nothing to do. He is this crazy metal fan and wanted me to watch a few videos that he stumbled upon last night. I didn’t want to spend my time  listening to the howling of some long-haired guy.  But I had to, and I was glad I did. NO growling or screams. Just good music. It amazed me instantly.

These kids are so young and stuffed with serious talent to make some kick-ass music. Seriously, the not-totally-heartless among you will love it. (But let’s all hope these kids don’t go so deep into the shit that they grow up to be after fame takes over.) I wonder why jerks like GAYber get so much fan following with ordinary talent. Every kid here in these videos deserves a great amount of recognition and respect.

Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.

Aaron is apparently a music teacher with impeccable taste. On his website, you can check out his students taking on Pantera, Down, Aerosmith and more. The future of music seems to be in good hands! It’s well worth a few minutes of your time, so take a look at his website.

Hoping to discover more cover songs and add them soon on my Youtube Channel soon. So subscribe NOW.
For the New Photo Video Challenge by the Daily Post. 🙂

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